Kat Fight

Kat Fight is currently in production.

When a likable, ordinary girl’s fiancé is stolen from her at the altar (& mind erased) by a stiletto-heeled ex-KGB assassin – the bride has to become something extraordinary to get back the man she loves.

Starring: Bowie Sims, Chris Masterson, Alan Smyth, Jon Saphire
with Olga Fonda as Angelika & Lesley-Ann Brandt as Z

Directed by: John Albanis

Created by: Bowie Sims & John Rice

Executive Produced by: Chris Masterson & Dror Soref

Produced by: Bowie Sims & Virginia Periera

Cinematographer: Justin Gurnari
Editor: Mike Jackson
Music: Tony Hoffer
Production Designer: Brendan Turrill
Costume Design: Jill Lucas

THE SHOW: The high-octane, over-the-top adventures of SARAH, a left-coast pacifist who transforms into a female Jason Bourne ass-whooper to get her man back… discovers dressing up in really great outfits, going undercover and kicking tail to right wrongs is in her DNA, something she’s born to do on a weekly basis… not without involuntary aide from ALEX, ‘the rescued man’, ‘the love’, and voluntarily from, Z, ‘the gadget gal’ & DALE, ‘the former flame and current BFF’.


• A franchise-able project. Games, graphic novel & series, mobile, web and feature film…
• Designed to accommodate brands (vodka, cosmetics & automobiles as advertisers & sponsors).
• Sarah is a new hero Networks are looking for.